Hose Assembly Skills Training – Practical (Module 3)

Course Overview

This module is a one day practical training course on Hose Assembly Skills.

The course is module 3 in the training programme, with both modules 1 Thread Awareness and module 2 Hose Assembly Skills Theoretical requiring completion before attending this module (3). This Hose Assembly Skills training course also includes an assessment to ensure that the content learned from the previous modules have been understood and retained.

The training programme is designed to bring the attendee up to a sound level of appreciation which will enable them to development into a quality fluid power hose assembly technician.

Module 3 will have an element of classroom training but the majority of the training will be carried out in the workshop environment where delegates will undertake various practical tasks to help them with the skills required in the hose assembly process.

Topics included

  • pressure injection injuries
  • understand the production equipment and their associated requirements (including calibration) for the successful production of quality hose assemblies
  • selecting and cutting the hose to length – the importance of a good, clean cut
  • the industry standard method of measuring hose assembly overall length
  • coupling selection
  • work through the theoretical and practical aspects of manufacturing hydraulic hose assemblies using a combination of verbal and written instructions
  • skiving – internal and external
  • preassembly of one piece and two piece couplings, pros and cons of each coupling type
  • angular orientation and hose bias when the hose assembly has two angled connectors
  • crimping/swaging – covering all aspects from correct die selection, machine setting, correct positioning of the hose assembly within the machine, measuring the
    crimp diameter, reducing the crimp diameter if necessary and ensuring that the operation has been completed correctly
  • pressure testing of hose assemblies – ratios based on working pressure and application
  • cleaning and protecting hose assemblies prior to
    supplying to the customer


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Duration - 1 Day


James Martin
Managing Director / Senior Trainer / Assessor