About us

Hydraskills Training is headed by Jim Martin, a seasoned training and development professional with extensive experience in the Oil & Gas sector. Jim is certified by the British Fluid Association (BFPA) and has a wealth of hands-on experience which is vital for a successful trainer and assessor.

Just a few great REASONS to choose us!

Our enthusiasm and drive to pass our knowledge on to others

Our passion for safety surrounding any aspects of working with pressure systems and our determination to improve the awareness and importance of correct and relevant training

We pride ourselves in providing a first class customer service to our clients and will always accommodate a request where possible

Bespoke courses designed with our clients to meet specific project or operational needs

The future of Hydraulic Training

Hydraskills was established in 2015 to meet the ever increasing requirement for tailored hydraulics training which would meet the needs of the clients perfectly. Although other hydraulics training providers exist, Hydraskills identified that very few were able to offer a truly bespoke solution.

We believe that the future of hydraulics training is to work closely with the client and establish exactly what they would like to achieve from the training and the desired outcome. From here, we can design a course which is user friendly, caters perfectly to the audience and will achieve goals set by the client. This prevents time wasted on irrelevant topics, allows us to incorporate client specific policies, procedures or equipment into the course and gives the course delegates a wholly more satisfying experience.

Training packages can be designed using a combination of any of our standard courses, removing or adding modules as required. Alternatively, we can develop a completely new course to suit any particular requirement. Our capabilities are not limited to the courses on our standard list so please enquire if your needs are more specific.